Everyday Plate – Tips For Building Your Collection

By | October 30, 2021

When you think of an everyday plate, does it automatically contain food that you eat? It’s not necessarily, but the point is, it’s not the point. It’s a useful metaphor and one that we can all relate to.

Your everyday plate is just one example of the many things that line your path from morning to evening, or from noon to night. There are so many different things going on in your life that it can be hard to know where to begin. So if you’re like most people, you probably have a few empty plate trays in various stages of the meal process. Each time you stop for a bite to eat, you’re searching for something that you’re already predisposed to like.

And that’s fine, I suppose. In fact, maybe it’s healthy. But as I looked around the kitchen today, it occurred to me that I should probably throw away my everyday plate and start collecting paper plates instead.

They’re kind of gross. For one thing, they’re biodegradable. That means you just throw them away, right? Well, I guess so. But there’s something about plates that compels me to pull them out to eat with every meal.

One of my favorite things is plastic cutlery. I love having plastic cutlery because it makes me feel like I’m serving some kind of fancy dinner party. But even if it’s just salad, foil coated with plastic, it makes me feel like someone’s out there enjoying what I’m eating. I mean, wouldn’t it be gross if you served food straight out of a bin? And then when people put their finger in your box, you could smell the dirt?

The same goes with dinnerware. If you’re serving chicken in the shape of a plate, chances are it’s going to come out a bit greasy. And then again, if you’re serving potato chips on a stick, chances are it’s going to fall off the plate and onto the floor as well unless you’re careful.

So why not get those cute little plates and dinnerware sets anyway? If you do, you just might find yourself collecting more everyday plates than you thought possible. I mean, you can’t tell me that those cutlery and plastic plates won’t end up all over the house, and who knows what will happen down the road. You never know what life’s going to hold. But you can be sure that all your collectibles are safe.

These plates can be found in almost any store that has those little novelty items. I recommend going down to your nearest collectible shop and seeing what they have. It’s sure to be a hit, and if they don’t have it in stock, they can make another batch right away. Just make sure that you buy extra so that you can collect them all like one big family. And as long as you take care of your plates, you’ll have many years of enjoyment from them.

You might also want to start with a certain theme and then build your collection around that. Maybe you have a favorite childhood book or movie characters. How about a theme based on your favorite sport? The possibilities are endless.

Or maybe you like collecting postage stamps. That’s another great idea. Buy a set of those and then start collecting those. Or how about starting a stamp collecting hobby? Those are all very fun and easy to do.

Don’t forget the kids. Kids love stickers. So buy them some stickers. Or why not buy a pack of the big brand names that you can see on the plates? Make sure they all say the same name. Then you won’t have any problems.

Remember, you’re doing it for fun and enjoyment, so you can have some fun while you collect these daily plateaus. You can even go out and buy other plates to add to your collection. Collecting daily plates doesn’t have to be a boring project. Find what you like and start building your collection. Soon you will have something that you can be proud of. You will have built something out of something that everyone else started when you were young.

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