Artificial intelligence Creates a Barbie Doll for Each State.

Make no mistake; It’s a Barbie journey. While Mattel’s classic doll has gone through many iterations over the years, as far as we know, the Barbie doll is not available in every state in the US to date. AI is said to be rethinking the US as Barbie dolls, and the results make us want to see these dolls commercialized. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.


You know Hawaiian Barbie dolls will have a floral pattern, right? Barbie’s case showcases Hawaii’s rich and unique wildlife, as well as Hawaii’s culture and unique styles. She wore a floral dress with more flowers and beautiful jewelry in her hair. She also has very beautiful black hair. Looks like Hawaiian Barbie is ready to celebrate the holidays with Ken.

We also love the dreamy and completely different background with red sky and flowers everywhere. It reminds us of paradise in Hawaii.


Massachusetts Barbie is another stylish plus and looks best in this case. This region is known for its beautiful fall colors, and this Barbie will want to participate in everything. She wears a beautiful coat so that the autumn cold does not affect her walk. If there’s one thing the New England Barbies on this list represent, it’s chic. Honestly, Mattel looks like a beautiful fall afternoon in Massachusetts, and we can imagine a similar walk in any town in New England.


She wears a vintage but western Barbie-style dress and a cowboy hat. There’s even a big belt buckle. This is a tribute to the iconic cowboy culture of the Southwest and Arizona. This Barbie doesn’t need Ken, it looks like she should come with a similar harness and even a rope if she needs to fight animals.

The Southwest has its own culture and history, and this particular Barbie fits it perfectly. When we saw him, we immediately knew which country he came from.


Maryland Barbie probably has the best hair on this list. Also, tell him you work in design or art; This is not surprising considering the history of the state and its descendants. We love her studio and it could be her Barbie dream home. But despite the bright colors of today’s colors and patterns, we can say that they are heavily influenced by the coastal style that is meaningful for the state that is home to the Chesapeake Bay.

This city makes sense, as Maryland is home to many beautiful streets but is still located in the middle of some of the largest and most populous cities in the United States.


Alabama Barbie seems to represent all the southern charm and warm welcome the state is known for. As we see in this photo, Barbie’s dream house will be ready for the meeting. The tables in the back appear to have a variety of drinks and food. Her long blonde locks and red skirt also scream Alabama.

Everything seems to be turning into an unforgettable party. I wish we were invited because there’s nothing better than a good Southern meal.

West Virginia

West Virginia is one of America’s most rural states and the setting for one of its most famous songs. That’s why West Virginia Barbie looks just as good in the city as she does on the road. We find him hiking the main trails of quaint West Virginia forests or exploring some of the most beautiful forests in the state.

But West Virginia Barbie managed to capture the state’s rural population without being completely blown away by her outfits. The background of this image looks beautiful no matter where it is placed. This is also a good movie, but it is very different from the Barbie movie.

Caroline from the South

Barbie from South Carolina travels through one of the many historic towns in the southern part of the state. You can imagine the Spanish moss oak trees on the street shading some of the old brick buildings. We also got to try some of the South Coast seafood that the state is famous for. Barbie, who comes from South Carolina, wears very stylish clothes to protect herself from the heat and humidity of the state.

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