40+ Ways to Avoid Paparazzi Photos of Celebrities

As an ordinary person, you can walk without worrying about paparazzi following you. Unfortunately, when people become famous, their privacy is compromised. Many celebrities go to great lengths to hide from photographers, such as wearing bags over their heads or wearing funny outfits. These celebrities have found the weirdest ways to cover up and you’ll thank yourself after watching them.

  1. Paris Hilton Reflective Scarf

No matter what people think about Paris Hilton, she’s pretty smart. Even though she always looks camera-ready, that doesn’t mean she always wants to be photographed.

Every time Hilton wears this scarf, a picture of her like the one on the right appears. These are completely useless to paparazzi looking to sell your photos.

  1. Shia LaBeouf says he’s not famous anymore

Shia LaBeouf is one of the most famous people in the world, and when he attended the Berlin Film Festival in 2014, he had one of the most important accessories on the red carpet.

LaBeouf wears a paper bag on his head that says “I’m not famous anymore.” This is the part of the show that is so frustrating. She wore the envelope over her head for the next week.

  1. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield share an important business connection

Although Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been separated for several years, they decided to take advantage of the paparazzi created by this importance when they got together.

Regarding Emma, ​​she wrote on the card that they do not need care, but these organizations do, and Andrew’s card has a list of organizations that can support them. This is important. 4. Dustin Hoffman Plays Hide and Seek with Photographers

Dustin Hoffman may not be the most creative person when it comes to hiding from the paparazzi, but we give him credit for his efforts. He hides because he doesn’t like cameras following him.

When Hoffman alerts the paparazzi in the area, he looks for the largest object to hide behind. This method can help you attract more people.

  1. Alec Baldwin’s Ghost Wanders the Streets of New York

Like the famous Baldwin brothers, Alec enjoys many moments while wandering around New York City. Kim Kardashian has two personalities

Most people in the world know Kim Kardashian and that’s why people always take photos of her because magazines and gossip sites publish many of her photos for a fee.

A few years ago, Kim Kardashian hired two bodyguards to prevent paparazzi from taking photos of her.

  1. Ashley Tisdale is protected by her puppy

There are many benefits to having an adorable puppy. You have a partner who is with you everywhere and with whom you can hide from the paparazzi. Ashley Tisdale is often seen with her dogs and hides her face in photos.

Tisdale used this method when people tried to surprise her while walking their dogs. We understand that you want to enjoy your trip without taking photos.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow is another smart woman known as the “Bag Woman.”

The oldest trick is to cover your face with a large bag when passing the paparazzi. This is how Gwyneth Paltrow hides.

She not only keeps the face covered but also reveals the beauty of the bag. 10. Daniel Radcliffe is wearing the same clothes as before in the photos, but he found a way to avoid being photographed.

For the past six months, Radcliffe has been wearing the same dress every time he leaves a Broadway show. Hey, stop the paparazzi from selling her pictures because people think she’s old because she always wears the same clothes.

  1. Jessica Simpson hits the Paparazzi in the best way

People were pretty smart about “Newlyweds: Jessica and Nick” when they bought it thinking Jessica Simpson had lost part of her brain after starring in it. Instead of letting the paparazzi take photos of her new beauty, she started bobbing her head.

For six months, Radcliffe wore the same outfit every time he left the Broadway show in which he starred. This stopped him. Palazzi sells her paintings because people think they are old because she always wears the same clothes.

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