TikTok Monetization

An Overview of Our Monetization Offerings

From artists and chefs to musicians and designers, TikTok has a diverse creative community that transcends traditional careers and titles, paving your paths to success. We understand that you all have unique interests and goals, and we work hard to offer a range of monetized features that reflect the diversity of our community.

Over the past year, active monetizing creators on TikTok have grown by 15%, with creators generating nearly double the revenue across our various monetization features. You’re at the heart of TikTok, and we continue our commitment to creating great new tools and improving existing ones to help you find your community, grow your career, and achieve real life on the platform and off. It can help you unlock opportunities.

Promote and reward creativity

Creativity knows no limits on TikTok, which is why we focus on exploring new features based on your direct vision, fostering creativity and promoting self-expression. Tools like Effect House, Duet, and Stitch have helped unlock new creative formats, making creating on TikTok easier than ever. Through programs like Creative Program Beta and Effect Creator Rewards, we are committed to fostering creativity and recognizing and rewarding you and your creativity that brings joy and excitement to TikTok every day.

Building and connecting communities

Features like series, giveaways, and live subscriptions give you multiple options for generating sustainable revenue from your audience’s contributions, while also giving users multiple ways to connect and show support for their favorite creators. It also provides channels.

A great brand collaboration

In recent years, we’ve introduced new ways for brands to connect and authentically engage with diverse audiences by collaborating with creators. Our features like TikTok Shop, Branded Effects, TikTok Creative Challenge, TikTok Creator Marketplace, and Pulse Community combine the power of creativity and commerce, allowing emerging and established creators to join the branded content ecosystem. empowers directly, partners directly with brands, creates The door is open to unprecedented income and opportunity.

Always listening, always learning

Our ultimate goal is to create the best possible experience on TikTok and provide creators with a robust ecosystem of monetization offers. As part of our ongoing efforts and commitment to achieve this goal we need to use resources elsewhere to develop products, better support you and explore new offerings.

Therefore, starting December 16, 2023, the Creator Fund will be closed in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. We built the beta version of the Creativity Program based on feedback from the Creative Fund and will continue to listen and learn from our community as we explore new features and improve existing ones to enrich the TikTok experience.

You can sign up for the Creative Beta Program at any time, and all creators currently enrolled in the Creator Fund can upgrade to the Creative Beta Program by visiting:

Tap Profile, then Menu (☰)
Then Creator Tools
Tap Fund Creator and then see more.
To further elevate you and support your growth on TikTok, we offer many services including TikTok University, Creator Portal, Creator Center, and TikTok News newsletter to learn more about your monetization potential on TikTok. Offers training resources accessible from

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