If you have 35 or more passengers, you’ll be glad you didn’t get on the plane.

While traveling by air often means a relaxing vacation, flying is rarely fun. Once you finally get past security, you have to deal with a lot of strangers in a small space for at least a few hours. Whether you’re around someone with smelly feet or someone who makes a mess, you’ll be glad you’re not stuck on a plane with these people. Prepare to rethink your next vacation because you won’t want to fly after seeing passengers forgetting they’re in public places.

  1. When the kid in the fifth row knows he can text other passengers

We don’t know exactly where this plane is but every seat has messages, they’re communicating with people on other lines. This could be connecting with a friend or family member who isn’t sitting next to you so you don’t have to stand up. But the man had other ideas.

A passenger, probably a child, decided to choose a seat and send him a message. But his words were too complicated to understand, so the old man who greeted him had to say something to put him in his place.

  1. When you need scissors but TSA won’t let you take them, this may be why TSA doesn’t put scissors on the plane. If the man has a pair, he cuts the woman’s hair. Who knows, you might enjoy a free haircut.

We would be very embarrassed if this person’s hair was hanging in our living room. But we’ll ask her to move it or tie it in a ponytail because that’s not airline etiquette.

  1. This person passed the security check with a knife. Since 9/11, airport security hasn’t even let people through with pliers, so it’s surprising how this person managed to smuggle a Swiss Army knife onto a plane. Not only did they pick up his flight, they also took him to cut lunch.

If we sit next to that person, we will be afraid. Even if people are normal, you never know what’s going on in their heads. Can you sleep knowing that the person sitting next to you on the plane stole a knife?

4. This guy decided to wear his best headphones for the entire 9-hour flight.

If you have a long flight, it is best to try to sleep so that you are well-rested when you arrive at your destination. As soon as the lightman’s plane took off, other passengers decided to pay attention to his bright face that illuminated the whole house.

Some people don’t want to be in public places. Apologize to the person sitting next to you because the closer you sit the brighter the light needs to be. Luckily, the flight attendant told him to turn off the light because it was distracting the other passengers.

  1. What we offer on the plane is not a snake but an eagle

Imagine a plane ride and when you walk towards your seat you will see that most of the seats are eagle. A man wants to transport his birds, so he buys each bird its perch. This just happened on a flight to the Middle East.

Do you have pets or have they been specially trained to be messenger eagles? This looks more like something from the Harry Potter movies. It’s a good thing they’re wearing blindfolds because we’re worried they’ll freak out if the plane hits turbulence. 6. You need to put your hair in a bun.

When you sit behind someone, there is nothing more distracting than having their hair fall back. No one wants someone else’s hair covering part of the person’s screen behind them.

So when you look at the flight maps you will wonder where they are going. It’s like this plane should fly to the moon. Are they on a SpaceX flight or is this map broken? 7. Get your stinky feet off my face!

We are happy for this girl because that’s what we do when someone puts their foot next to us. Even if we do this, we don’t mind if our shoes come off during the flight, and we don’t rub them in anyone’s face unless they smell bad.

Instead of using someone else’s armrest as a footrest, hold your hands and feet in their place. The smell of her feet was everywhere and the girl said the smell was so strong it was difficult to process.

  1. If the person sitting next to you is still licking you

We don’t know why someone would complain about a dog around the plane, but we can imagine that the person complaining is probably a cat lover. This four-year-old is constantly licking his desk and neighbors, and we can understand why this might impress some people.

She must need some real love, so she licks it until it gets some color. But the more I licked this person, the less I wanted to care about him. We want to know where the dog’s owner is in this unfortunate situation


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