Cheerleader Photos Captured at Exactly the Right Moment

Photos of cheerleaders taken at just the right time.

Cheerleaders were originally intended to cheer on sports teams, but today people cheer them on at national and international competitions. If you’ve watched Cheer on Netflix, you probably know that cheerleaders these days are admired, praised, and, let’s face it, envied. But they are not always perfect. The hilarious photos below show moments where the cheerleaders weren’t ready for the camera, but ready to become memes. Prepare for great joy!

When you had a job and always failed

Being a normal high school student is hard enough. Be a high school student and a cheerleader? Wow. We understand that it’s difficult to balance classes, homework, and fun training, but this is a classic case of “You had a job. Just a job. And you still failed.” Seriously, “Do you have a “ghost”? » “Spirit” isn’t even a difficult word to spell. We don’t have a “mind,” but we do have a spell checker.

The worst thing about this image is that it doesn’t do anything to combat the hurtful stereotype that cheerleaders are all pretty and brainless.

When life slowly starts to fall apart

Remember the scene from the movie “The Simpsons” where Bart is humiliated in public and says, “This is the worst day of my life,” and Homer tries to comfort him, but in the end, he still does it all worse by answering, “The worst day of my life.” Life. ” . until now”? We think about this quote a lot. Sometimes it feels like things are getting worse and worse, to the point where there’s nothing we can do about it.

This is what life looks like when it finally stops falling apart slowly and starts falling apart quickly. We know it’s coming, we’re waiting for it.

When you have the perfect answer to an argument and your moment has come

We can hardly imagine situations more frustrating than losing an argument and only later thinking about something that would have changed everything. Likewise, there are few things more satisfying in life than knowing exactly what to say when it needs to be said. This perfectly timed image is an accurate representation of what it feels like to argue.

You knew this moment would come. You predicted how the discussion would begin and you saw how it would unfold. The other person said something that was supposed to silence you, but you were prepared. Your time is now.

And the “Wingwoman of the Year” award goes to…

We always hear people talking about their male colleagues, but we think they should also talk about their female colleagues. Can we pause for a moment and honor all the amazing women? For example, look at this lady who is expected to win the Wingwoman of the Year award. This is what true friendship looks like.

Jokes aside, we have to say: Isn’t it amazing how strong cheerleaders are? This control! This balance! Not to mention the fact that the cheerleader below is doing this with a smile on her face. It’s nothing short of impressive!

If you’re a cheerleader in Australia

Wow, so what is it like to be a cheerleader in Australia? Your pyramids must be crazy! Seriously, what a great action shot. Kudos to whoever captured the exact moment this cheerleader was completely upside down. And kudos to the cheerleader too, because this trick doesn’t look easy and we’re sure it took her many hours of practice before she mastered every aspect of this move.

Now we can barely do a proper somersault and the only regular exercise we get is walking from our desk to the vending machine when we’re out of coffee and Doritos.

What was seen cannot be denied

Most of us are familiar with the meme “What has been seen cannot be unseen” in the form of a black cat with big eyes and folded ears, although there are many other versions of it – here, in which other funny cats appear. Believe us, we love these kitties, we think they’re great, but wouldn’t this picture be perfect for this meme too? The two cheerleaders below could replace these cats at any time.

The funny thing is that their facial expressions are very different, but in the end, they both seem to be marq worn for a lifetime. Being a cheerleader isn’t easy.

There are so many wonderful things in this picture that we didn’t know where to start. We wanted to choose the male artist below, but that seemed too obvious. We then switch to the cheerleader on the right, who can’t seem to believe she’s even.


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