30+ People Who Took Plastic Surgery To The Extreme

These people may have gone too far with their plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a way for some people to express themselves or improve their appearance. Some people have very little surgery, while others go too far. From someone who wants to look like Kim Kardashian to someone who wants to be a cat, these people are taking plastic surgery to the extreme and their transformations are spectacular. Read on to find out how far people have moved away from plastic surgery.

  1. Victoria Wilde turned into a real doll

Victoria Wilde was a simple girl from a small French village until she discovered her love for plastic surgery. She never looked the same again because she spent $49,000 to look like a sex doll.

Wilde graduated with a degree in business administration and worked in the fashion industry until she realized she could make more money in another industry. With her new look, She now earns $130,000 a year working as a promoter and model around the world.

  1. ¬†Six of Pixee Fox’s ribs were removed.

    Model Pixee Fox risked her life by having six ribs removed to have a slim waist. This surgery is dangerous and most doctors do not do it.

Fox’s look was inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit? “Jessica Rabbit”? To achieve this look, she had to undergo four breast surgeries, liposuction, chin surgery, and surgery to make her ears look like an elf.

  1. “Come on Barbie, we’re partying” – Ken

Celso Satabanes, also known as the Brazilian human Ken doll, takes at least three Ken dolls to transform himself into Barbie’s panic. Converting at age 16 costs just $39,000.

Satebane had big plans for his life, but he died in 2015 after losing his battle with leukemia. His family always said he looked like a doll, which made him want to have surgery to look like Ken.

  1. From Human to Cat

Mark Dolan is known as “Stalker Cat”, the name he was given as a child. Dolan joined the Navy and served for several years before moving to San Diego. He always had a soft spot for tigers, and in the 1980s he decided to look like one. He began changing the shape of his face and getting tattoos.


From a protruding septum to an upper lip, Dolan does his best to be human-driven. It also has a tail. Unfortunately, he died in 2014, but his memory of the cat has a following in the furry community.

  1. Natasha Crown Aims to Have the World’s Biggest Head

Natasha Crown aims to gain the title of “World’s Biggest Head”. Now waist circumference is 85 inches.


Crown has 3 jerseys in Brazil and wants to continue. He also needed rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty. 6. Male Version of Kim Kardashian

Although many women love Kim Kardashian, some men love her. Jordan James Parke spent $130,000 on surgery to look like the king and his family. She has rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and lip fillers.

Recently, Parker wanted Kylie Jenner’s chin, so she had liposuction done on her neck and chin. He decided to save money and went to a hospital in Poland; the cost of the procedure here was $3,000, compared to $15,000 in the United States. 7. Lizardman Eric Sprague

Eric Sprague was born in Kentucky, where he received his Ph.D. He was a candidate at the University of Albany before embarking on his major transformation. Sprague was intrigued by the idea of body modification and wanted to become the organizer of the show.

A strong tongue, tattoos, skulls, etc. There is, which makes it look like a lizard. He currently stars in Freak Show and can be seen in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

  1. From male to androgynous alien

Vinny Ohh is an artist in California who spent more than $50,000 on 110 surgeries to transform himself into an androgynous alien. Her journey started when she got lip fillers at the age of 17.

Vinny later had surgery on both of his noses, several jaws, and eyes, and wore dark glasses every day. She hasn’t transitioned yet because she wants to remove her private parts to feel like a different gender.

  1. He wants to look like your face.

Like 16-year-old Krystina Butel. He first drew comics while on holiday in Ibiza. When he saw the picture, he was very jealous of her face and wanted to change himself to look like the picture.

  1. Rodrigo Alves has undergone more than 72 surgeries.

Rodrigo Alves was nicknamed “Doll”. These people may have gone too far with their plastic surgery.

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