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By | January 9, 2023

Today I am going to tell you guys a very imported thing by which you guys can secure your WhatsApp and also open anyone’s WhatsApp in your mobile then the article has to be fully rated. So that you can get complete information, after getting this information, you can score your WhatsApp so that no one else can open your WhatsApp and if anyone opens your WhatsApp, you will know. It is known that your WhatsApp is being viewed by opening it in another device. By opening your WhatsApp in any device, you can see many imported things of your WhatsApp, such as your messages, your calls and Voice message, in addition to all your pictures and videos, the person who opens your WhatsApp can see all the data in your complete WhatsApp and can share it further. The topic is that your WhatsApp has not been opened by anyone, and if so, how to remove it, and if no one has opened your WhatsApp, then no one can open it. What setting should be done and where will it be known that someone has opened and seen your WhatsApp

As you all know that WhatsApp is something that every person wants to use and every mobile has WhatsApp, it has many benefits, but unknown people open WhatsApp and get more from it. You can call anyone through WhatsApp, send messages, make video calls, send any video to anyone, and share your picture as well. So if you guys are using it then you have a lot of privacy data in it then you should secure your WhatsApp after reading the article.

In fast, I tell you how you can find out whether someone has opened your WhatsApp or not, so for that you have to open your WhatsApp, after opening it, press 3 : on the right corner. After clicking on dotcom which is visible, you will get link device option, you have to click on it, so here, if you guys have opened WhatsApp in your device, then you guys will know. The name of this device will be shown if any unknown device is showing then remove it immediately and if you do not see any device then your WhatsApp is secure.

And if you guys want to open someone’s WhatsApp in your mobile, then how to do it, I will tell you in full detail that you can also open someone’s WhatsApp in your mobile. You can see all the chat messages. To do all this, you need to have the WhatsApp number of the person you want to open WhatsApp in your mobile. In addition, you will have to do some settings in WhatsApp and a Inside the app, you will have to install it in your mobile. You can also open his WhatsApp in your mobile and see what he is talking about and what messages are being received and how long he is talking to. You will open this complete WhatsApp in your mobile and will not know it

If you want to open WhatsApp in your mobile phone, you have to go to the WhatsApp update and click on the right corner 3 above: Some cookies will start in front of you. You have to click on Show Ho, next you will get the option of export chat, click on it, after that you will get the option of cloud media, click on it. The link of the application will be given, you have to install it, how are you? If you want to open his WhatsApp, his complete WhatsApp will be opened in front of you. You will be able to check the complete details of his WhatsApp.


In the last part of the article, you have to install the application in your mobile and use it, and if you see any error in our heart, you can inform us, you can email us or comment on this article. You can also tell us by clicking on the download button below, the app will be downloaded

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